Remembering Bill Trainor

If Bill Trainor was alive he would be dancing in the aisles with the 2015 Best In Show Winner-The BEAGLE! "Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble" a.k.a. "Miss P," a Beagle, 15 Inch.

I truly remember my first invitation to show our canine freestyle sport at an AKC event, The Bay Colony Cluster in Boston MA and Bill was the Beagle judge. We were invited by the club, given a booth, crating area, and a ring to do titling events after the AKC show closed, in return for doing our press shout out and demos all day long and pre groups and Best in Show.

Bill was judging Beagle pups and unfortunately our demo ring was right next to his judging ring and they put a speaker right over his ring. Well he had a great time, loved watching the pups who did and who did not jump up to the music as he sent them around. We had a great time together. I always will have a special place in my heart for this beloved man who won so many Show Dogs of the Year Awards that I was in charge of for my clients, Gaines, Quaker Oats, Nature's Recipe and Heinz for so many years.

Hats off to David Merriman as Best in Show Judge! Beagle baby just glowed and strutted and I know it will make a great dance dog if given the chance....certainly has spectator appeal and struts its stuff. Just take a look at the photo and you can feel deep inside of you the joy from David and Tom Bradley!

Visit for my fun stuff on our dancing dog, a German Wirehair Pointer Wink. She did not win but boy oh boy were her Mum Beverly Blanchard and her Grandmum Linda Blanchard (also showing Maxim another dancing dog) just to be invited to the most wonderful dog show in the USA....Westminster!

Check out the site for some behind the scenes photos. One I particularly love is Linda and Maxim in their hotel room watching Westminster on the TV Monday night.

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During Group Judging & After Show

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Scenes from Westminster Kennel Club Show

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Westminster Kennel Club Show 2015

WHO: The World Canine Freestyle Dancing Dogs Mums and Daughters are showing at Westminster Kennel Club Show! A first for this WKC show!

WHAT: Westminster Kennel Club Show 2105

WHERE: Pier, NYC, 12th Avenue and 55th Street

WHEN: 9:00am Tuesday, February 17, 2015 judging starts. Winner will appear in Madison Square Garden at 8:00pm Tuesday.


Monday, February 16, 2015……. Mums and kids can bond and share in the sport of dogs both conformation and dancing! WCFO,INC, a nonprofit 501(c)) (3) charity, is so pleased and honored to have two of our most valued members to be accepted to show at the 139th Westminster Kennel Club show in New York City, on Tuesday, February, 17th, 2015 on Pier 92 in NYC. We will be there to cheer them along.

Teams are in the Sporting Group…..German Wirehair Pointers, and are represented by a mother-daughter team! Mum Linda Blanchard (holder of many champion WCFO dance dog champion titles with other GWPs) will be showing, as owner-handler GCH Harvest Meadow's Classic Dancer TDI, RN, CGC, RATN, WW-BB-HTM/MF, W-FD/HTM/MF W-DD-HTM/MF, who we all know as Maxim our dancing dog world. Maxim showed 2 weeks ago as part of our team at the International Kennel Club show in Chicago, IL where Linda was also a judge and did demos and compete in our freestyle competitions sponsored by this AKC affiliate. Good Luck tomorrow Maxim (holder of WCFO Standardized testing Proficiency Medal titles) and my Sassy will be cheering you on from home! PS. Maxim fell in love with my Chinese Crested Powderpuff/Papillon Crufts champions mixed breed Sassy! It was love at first site!

Beverly Blanchard, Linda's daughter, who also works and teaches for the Leader Dogs for the Blind, and holds many WCFO titles with many breeds will have her own GWP "Wing" GCH Reece Afterhours Periwinkle RN, RATN, CGC shown by Lindsey Cook from Ohio.

Pray my Subaru can get into Pier 92 tomorrow and wouldn't it be wonderful if they made it to the Garden at night….wonderful for them…me I gotta get back in on a sled?.....any ididarod dogs available for me?

Submitted by Patie Ventre, DWAA, WCFO, INC

Posted 02/17/15 1:11pm EST • WCFO